Extra Bases

Red Sox fall to Rangers 8-4

End of the 9th: Rangers 8, Red Sox 4

A 1-2-3 9th inning for the Sox, and that’s the game.

Middle of the 9th: Rangers 8, Red Sox 4

Nelson Cruz ripped a double over the head of Eric Patterson in center field, but Dustin Richardson manages to get out of the inning without allowing a run as he gets David Murphy to ground out for the final out of the inning.

End of the 8th: Rangers 8, Red Sox 4

A promising start goes wasted as Ortiz and Youkilis lead off the 8th with back-to-back singles before the next three Sox went down in order to end the inning. Adrian Beltre and Daniel Nava both made good contact, but Ranger outfielders were able to track both balls down for the second and third outs of the inning.


Middle of the 8th: Rangers 8, Red Sox 4

Joaquin Arias came in to pinch run for Molina, and following an Elvis Andrus walk, Michael Young hit a sacrifice fly to right field to score Arias before Ian Kinsler flew out to Adrian Beltre to end the inning.

Top of the 8th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 4

In the least-shocking development in baseball history, Bengie Molina just came out for a pinch runner after his triple. Can’t say I blame him. That’s a pretty good run.

Top of the 8th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 4

Bengie Molina just hit for the cycle. Of all the words I never thought I’d print, those may just top them all.

Molina just put a ball deep into center field, and after it ricocheted off Eric Patterson’s glove and rolled to the wall, Molina rumbled his way into third base with the fourth and final part of the cycle.

I’m unsure of how I should react, but I do know that watching Bengie Molina run all the way to third base was amazing.


End of the 7th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 4
Eric Patterson looks at strike three, and the Red Sox finish another scoreless half inning. After Hall and Cash both grounded out, Scutaro hit a lined shot into left field for his first base hit of the day. But Patterson’s strike out leaves him hitless and leaves Boston down three moving into the 8th.
Middle of the 7th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 4
Guerrero leads off the inning against Okajima with a line-drive single to center field, but Okajima retires the next three Rangers, and the score remains 7-4 going to the bottom half of the 7th.
Coming up for the Sox are Hall, Cash, and Scutaro, who are a combined 0-7 so far tonight.
End of the 6th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 4
J.D. Drew hit a sacrifice fly to left field that scored David Ortiz, but that was all the Sox could manage in the 6th. Adrian Beltre lined out to second base for the second out of the inning before Daniel Nava looked at strike three.
Hideki Okajima is on for the Sox.
Bottom of the 6th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3
The Sox have some life here in the 6th. A double down the third-base line by Youkilis has him and Ortiz, who walked to lead off the inning, on second and third with nobody out.
Middle of the 6th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3
Cabrera gets Ian Kinsler to ground into a 5-4-3 double play to end the inning, and with that, his ERA gets cut in half. Matt Harrison is on to replace Lewis for the Rangers.
Top of the 6th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3
For those of you that are like me and terrible at math, the folks that handle the scoreboard at Fenway Park have been kind enough to let us know what Fernando Cabrera’s ERA is here with one out in the 6th– a stellar 40.25.
End of the 5th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3
A strike out and two harmless fly outs later, the 5th inning is over. Molina’s blast has really taken the air out of this place, and going to the 6th, the Sox are still down four. Cabrera is back on to pitch for Boston.
Middle of the 5th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3
Chris Davis grounds out to Youkilis to end the inning, and to say that the damage was already done would be an insult to damage.
After it looked like Doubront had a chance to end the inning with a simple throw to second, Texas scores 5 runs. That one hurts.
Top of the 5th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3
Oh, how quickly things change.
On a 1-2 pitch with the bases loaded, Bengie Molina took a Fernando Cabrera pitch out over the wall in center field for a grand slam.
Top of the 5th: Rangers 3, Red Sox 3
It appeared as if a two-out walk to Nelson Cruz with first base open was a shrewd pitching decision by Fernando Cabrera. Apparently not.
After walking Cruz to load the bases, Cabrera walked David Murphy to tie the game 3-3.
Top of the 5th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 3
Doubront’s night is over after his second throwing error allowed Young to move to third and Guerrero to second with two outs in the 5th.
Josh Hamilton hit a line drive right back at Doubront with one out, but when Doubront turned to double up Young at second, he skipped the throw into the dirt and the runners were able to advance.
Fernando Cabrera is in for the Sox.
Top of the 5th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 3
An inning after scoring a run, Adrian Beltre just saved another.
After Michael Young singled and moved to second on a wild pitch, Beltre made a diving stop on a ball that Vlad Guerrero ripped down the third-base line. Beltre stumbled as he tried to get up to make the throw, and chose to hold onto the ball. There are still two on and only one out, but Beltre just turned an RBI double into an infield single.
End of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 3
Bill Hall goes down swinging to end the inning, and with that, we’re through 4 innings.
The rain has slowed substantially now, and the thick sheets that were visible in the lights are gone for the moment.
Bottom of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 3
An eventful trip to the plate for Adrian Beltre just ended with his 14th home run of the season, and the Red Sox are up 3-2.
Beltre sent a shard of his bat down the third-base line early in the at-bat, and after getting a new bat, he had to dive out of the way of a Colby Lewis breaking ball that never broke. But on a 1-2 pitch, Beltre sent a slider out into the seats atop the Green Monster.
Middle of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
Andrus goes down swinging, and that’s the end of the 4th.
I’d like to say the rain has let up a bit since starting again as play resumed, but I’d be lying. And the radar doesn’t look promising at the moment.
Top of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
With one out in the 4th, J.D. Drew gets played by a fly ball into right, and it ends with Bengie Molina standing on second base.
While running toward the fence, Drew turned to look over the wrong shoulder before twisting his body back toward the plate and losing the ball off his glove.
Chris Davis grounded out to Kevin Youkilis for the second out of the inning, allowing Molina to move to third. The rain is back, and it’s coming down pretty hard as Andrus comes up with two out.
Top of the 4th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
We’re back to the action here at Fenway, and Doubront is still on the mound as David Murphy steps to the plate in the 4th. The delay was exactly an hour, and we’ll see how much baseball can be played before the rain comes again.
End of the 3rd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
Just got the word in the press box that play will resume at 9:20 p.m.
End of the 3rd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
Two shirtless, cargo-pantsed men just decided to turn the L.L. Bean tarp into the world’s largest and most public slip-and-slide. They each managed a couple head-first dives across the field before a half dozen guys in yellow jackets pinned them down and escorted them off. Smart? No. A decent bit of entertainment at a time where it was certainly lacking? Absolutely.
End of the 3rd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
Kevin Youkilis flies out to second base to end the 1-2-3 3rd for the Sox, and with that, the grounds crew at Fenway is hustling out onto the field with the tarp. We’re going to have a bit of a delay as the rain is coming down pretty hard.
Bottom of the 3rd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
The rain has started, and it’s coming down with enough force to send the less resilient members of the Fenway crowd into the concourse for shelter.
Middle of the 3rd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
Doubront retired the first two batters of the inning, and after surrendering a two-out walk to Josh Hamilton, he stuck out Nelson Cruz to end the inning.
Hamilton lost the grip on his bat during a swinging strike, and it flew in the seats down the first-base line. Everyone seemed to be OK, but the bat was quickly taken by Fenway security. The action drew a healthy set of boos from the Fenway crowd, and to be fair, I think they have a point. The guy just got hit with a flying baseball bat. Would it be too much to ask to let him hang onto it?
End of the 2nd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
Both Cash and Scutaro go down swinging, and the Sox leave two runners in scoring position in the 2nd.
Boston did manage two runs though in a long inning on a hot, muggy night.
Lewis had to face seven hitters, several of whom pushed him deep into the count. After throwing 19 pitches in the first inning, Lewis threw 31 in the second.
Bottom of the 2nd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 2
On an 0-2 pitch to Kevin Cash, the ball takes a bounce between Bengie Molina’s legs and Drew scores from third to tie the game at 2.
Bottom of the 2nd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 1
Nava walks, and with that, the bases are loaded with nobody out for Bill Hall.
The Sox are making Colby Lewis work in this inning after going quickly in the first. The full count to Nava was the second in as many at-bats as Beltre forced the count full before singling into left.
Bottom of the 2nd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 1
Terry Francona said before the game that although Adrian Beltre still isn’t 100 percent after injuring his hamstring, he still thought the Sox could use Beltre’s bat in the lineup.
That one hopper off the left-field wall is probably why. The ball was hit so hard that Beltre was held to a single, but it sends Drew to third with nobody out.
Bottom of the 2nd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 1
The Sox get two quick base hits to start off the 2nd, and just like that, it’s a one-run game. Youkilis launched a double high off the left-field wall to lead off the inning, and J.D. Drew wasted little time as he lined a single to right to score Youkilis from second.
Middle of the 2nd: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0
Doubront manages to pitch his way out of what looked like another bit of trouble in the top of the 2nd.
Doubront retired David Murphy to start the inning, but a single and a wild pitch moved Bengie Molina to second, and another base hit by Chris Davis put runners on the corners with 1 out.
But Doubront struck out Andrus looking, and with two outs, Michael Young grounded out to the pitcher to end the inning.
End of the 1st: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0
The Red Sox go down 1-2-3 to end the first, and David Ortiz was not happy about it.
After Marco Scutaro flew out to right for the first out and Eric Patterson looked at strike three on the outside corner, Ortiz popped out to shallow center field.
Ortiz hit a foul ball down the first-base line that nearly had enough distance to leave the park, and after fouling another pitch straight back, he looked noticeably frustrated.
Middle of the 1st: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0
Well, there are certainly less interesting ways to end an inning. With two outs, Nelson Cruz singled up the middle to score Ian Kinsler, who had advanced to third after a Vladimir Guerrero walk and a deep fly ball by Josh Hamilton.
But as Guerrero tried to make his way from first to third on the play, Eric Patterson made the throw to third and Beltre got the tag down before Guerrero could slide into the base.
Top of the 1st: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0
A couple of early fielding miscues, and the first run is across already for the Rangers. Doubront hit Elvis Andrus in the back of the arm as Andrus ran toward first on a chopper back to the mound. The ball bounced into foul territory to allow Andrus to advance to second. And after Michael Young hit a ground ball that sent Andrus to third with 1 out, Ian Kinsler sent a shot down the third-base line that took a bounce that hit off Beltre’s glove and allowed Andrus to score.
Top of the 1st: Rangers 0, Red Sox 0
Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith just threw out the first pitch, and it wasn’t pretty. The ball landed about 5 feet short of home plate. It’s safe to say that Tom should stick to making sappy songs for Liv Tyler movies.
Top of the 1st: Rangers 0, Red Sox 0
It’s a warm, muggy night here at Fenway as the Red Sox look to bounce back after falling to the Rangers in the first game after the All-Star break. As always, we welcome and appreciate your thoughts and comments


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