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Some random thoughts . . .

A few random thoughts on a Friday:

* As Jeremy Hermida gets closer to coming back, the Sox are going to have a tough decision on whether Daniel Nava or Darnell McDonald goes. Nava has options and McDonald does not, which could influence the decision.

* Ryan Kalish is one prospect living up to the hype this season.

* Heard a radio yakker say on Wednesday the Sox needed to trade for Prince Fielder. OK, great. But where is he going to play? They have an All-Star at DH and a first baseman who should have been an All-Star.

* The Sox have done a wonderful job fixing up Fenway Park. But when you see places like AT&T Park and Safeco Field, you can’t help but wonder when New Englanders will get a place like that they can call their own.


* Jon Lester seems like a good guy, he’s one of the best starters in the game and from what I know has never received a critical word from the fans or media in Boston. So why is he always so angry during his postgame interviews?

* I’m sure it’s cool to be there. But the seriousness with which ESPN people take the ESPYs is very amusing.

* Based on how often I see them in the clubhouse talking to players and doing homework, I’m here to tell you that Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo really care about what they do. The same is true for Joe Castiglione. You don’t see that in every market, either.

* It’s kind of cool that Terry Francona and Doc Rivers are buddies.

* Guy e-mailed the other day and wanted to know if Daniel Nava and Eric Patterson could bring back Jayson Werth.

* It’s July 16 and both Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya are still employed by the Mets. That’s a surprise.

* I liked True Blood on HBO a lot more when it started than I do now. Too many monsters now, not enough good dialogue.

* Do you know anybody going to that soccer game at Fenway? Me neither.


* If you’re a Patriots fan, hope you’re paying attention to all the great stuff on our Extra Points blog. Albert Breer and Shalise Manza Young are changing the game with all the info they provide.

* Still can’t figure out what Joe Girardi was thinking in the All-Star Game. He knew it determined home field advantage in the Series, right? A-Rod looked pretty ticked off at the end that he didn’t get in. So at least there was a silver lining.

* DeMarlo Hale is going to make a really good manager for somebody in a year or two. He has a great sense of how to talk to players that manages to be both informal but authoritative.

* Do we really need to hear what Dan Duquette thinks about Roger Clemens? Seems a little self serving.

* Mike Lowell said before the season he planned to retire. Little did he know how early that would start.

* Now that the great Robert Parker has passed away, Dennis Lehane is the Boston writer I look most forward to reading.

* Why do people blow through red lights on the cross streets of Mass Ave? Do you think that somehow nobody will be coming the other way across four lanes on one of the busiest streets in the city? The best part of when they force you to pin your brakes then flip you off for blowing the horn.


* Theo Epstein is 36. He’s won the Series twice and now has a young family. At what point does he decide that being the GM of the Red Sox isn’t all that exciting any more?

* If the Red Sox get in a brawl, keep an eye on Ryan Shealy. Dude’s a monster.

* Finally, thanks to everybody who has been reading and commenting on the blog. It has been a real privilege to meet so many readers at Fenway and other parks.


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