Greetings from Gate A-20

Here we are at Logan, waiting for a flight to Minneapolis and then on to Seattle.

There’s a lady in the boarding area with a little dog that is yapping at a high pitch. Literally every person in hearing distance is looking at her and silently praying she is not on their flight.

To kill time in the air, I brought the book “Tears In The Darkness,” which is about the Bataan Death March. Not an uplifting subject, but I enjoy reading non-fiction about historical events. During the season, it’s good sometimes to read about anything other than baseball for a few hours.


Had I not lucked into this job back in high school, I probably would have become a history teacher of some sort. Or a blackjack dealer.

Looking forward to getting to Seattle. Great city, great ballpark and Ichiro is my favorite player in the majors. He looks cool just catching a fly ball.

Not much else to report. Ryan Shealy was DFA’d after the game last night and Jed Lowrie will likely be activated today. Day by day, the Sox are getting their actual team back. Big start for Clay Buchholz today.

They’re calling the flight, time to go. Enjoy the game and please check out Amalie’s chat and Nick’s updates. Plenty to read on Extra Bases today.

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