Time to get better against the worst

Here’s a weird statistic for you:

The Orioles (32-73), Mariners (39-67), Indians (44-61) and Royals (45-60) are the worst teams in the American League and it’s not even close. No other team in the league has a losing record.

Yet the Red Sox are somehow only 14-13 against this quartet of teams. Those four clubs are playing .481 ball against the Sox, .373 against everybody else.

Why does this matter? The Yankees are 23-8 against those teams and the Rays 21-7.

The Sox have four games left against Cleveland starting tonight. There are six left against Baltimore and three with Seattle. If the Sox are to get into contention, they need to do damage in those 13 games and it has to start this week against the Indians.


Given the injuries, the bullpen and everything else, it’s somewhat of a miracle they’re only 5 1/2 games out of a playoff spot.

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