Red Sox show up early for work

Here at Rogers Centre to watch the Sox take early BP and Dustin Pedroia run the bases.

Those here include Pedroia, Darnell McDonald, Eric Patterson, Ryan Kalish, Jed Lowrie, Jason Varitek and Mike Cameron. Kevin Cash is on hand, too.

Tell you what, the Red Sox coaches and staff assistants earn their money. This team takes a ton of extra hitting.

UPDATE, 2:45 p.m.: Kalish stayed on the field to work on his throwing with DeMarlo Hale. Kalish has a heck of an arm but he can be slow making the transfer. The Sox want him to improve how quickly he releases the ball. Meanwhile Varitek is working on his throwing with Gary Tuck, playing catch with Cash.


Boy, for a guy who needs to go on the DL Cash looks pretty good.

Pedroia went back in. Either he already ran or he’ll do it later on. Either way, we’ll let you know how it went.

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