Red Sox head home after a 7-3 loss

Game over: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3

The Sox went meekly against Feliz outside of Salty drawing a walk. They end the road trip 5-5. Day off tomorrow.

Back with a report from the clubhouse.

Top of the 9th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3

Bowden ended the inning. Now Feliz in to close.

Bottom of the 8th: Rangers 7, Red Sox 3

And so much for that. Dustin Richardson, a lefty who has trouble getting lefties out and always has, was called in to face Hamilton and predictably could not get him out as he hit him with a pitch.

In came Bowden, who struck out Cantu and Moreland. But an errant pickoff throw and three straight singles have accounted for two more runs.


Middle of the 8th: Rangers 5, Red Sox 3

Victor Martinez fanned looking to end the inning. Dustin Richardson in now.

Wilson against the Sox this season in three starts: 21 IP, 11 H, 2 ER, 8 BB, 20 K.

Top of the 8th: Rangers 5, Red Sox 3

But, wait, here come the Sox.

Borbon made two nice catches in center to start the inning. But Patterson — a lefty, no less — singled off Wilson and Texas manager Ron Washington called in righthander Pedro Strop.

Patterson took second on defensive indifference, went to third on a wild pitch and scored on a double by Scutaro. McDonald then homered to right and now the Sox are alive.

Bottom of the 7th: Rangers 5, Red Sox 0

Delcarmen came in and his first pitch was put in the left-center bleachers by Young. It’s hard to see the Sox coming back from this deficit. Not with six outs left and Feliz waiting in the ninth if needed.

Delcarmen had gone six innings without giving up a run. So much for that. Dice-Ks line: 6.2 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, 8 K. He pitched better than that. But that’s what it is.

Bottom of the 7th: Rangers 2, Red Sox 0

Small ball succeeds for the Rangers again. Moreland singled to left and was pushed to second with Teagarden got his second bunt of the day down. Moreland moved to third when Blanco grounded out and scored on a push bunt to second by Borbon that went for a single.


Andrus just singled and now Dice-K is out of the game.

Middle of the 7th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

The Sox went in order again.

Meanwhile, we have a report on Dustin Pedroa’s rehab game below on Extra Bases.

Top of the 7th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Doce-K has been dealing, befuddling the Rangers with his curveball. He struck out the side in that inning but did hit Hamilton in the back foot with a curveball with two outs.

Matsuzaka has put only seven runners on base in six innings and allowed the one run while striking out eight. He needs some help from his teammates now.

Pennant race update

Yankees lost 1-0 in Kansas City in a game that lasted two hours and seven minutes. The Rays beat the Orioles 3-2 in St. Pete.

So at the moment the Sox are 5.5 out of first and 4.5 out in the wild card.

Middle of the 6th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

A 1-2-3 inning for Wilson. It’s crazy how good he is against the Sox. He has thrown 89 pitches, so maybe the seventh will be his last inning.

Top of the 6th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Dice-K struck out two more, the first giving him 500 for his career. Then he got Andrus to ground to short. He has thrown 74 pitches through five inning, which is economical for him. Good game so far if you like pitching.

Sox need to get a runner on ahead of Beltre for when he homers.

Middle of the 5th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0


Hall singled but Kalish grounded into a double play and Patterson struck out again.

Wilson in three starts against the Red Sox so far: 18.1 IP, 9 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 8 BB, 19 K. If these teams were to meet in the playoffs (which would probably be the case if the Sox won the wild card), Texas would have to start him in Game 1, no?

Top of the 5th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Cantu dropped a ball down the line in left but was gunned down going to second by Patterson. Moreland grounded to first and Teagarden struck out. Dice-K is doing his job.

Middle of the 4th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Beltre doubled to center with one out. But Lowell grounded to short and Salty to third. But, hey, they got a runner in scoring position at least. And it has gone from 99 to 101 here.

Top of the 4th: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Young started the inning with a single. But Murphy flied to deep right before Hamilton bounced into a 1-6-3 double play.

Middle of the 3rd: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

The Sox are helpless against Wilson. He struck out Patterson looking, got Scutaro to ground to second and struck out McDonald looking. He has five strikeouts.

Top of the 3rd: Rangers 1, Red Sox 0

Cantu singled before Moreland walked. Teagarden bunted the runners over and Blanco did his job with a sacrifice fly. Borbon walked but Andrus lined to short.

Dice-K has thrown 43 pitches already.

Middle of the 2nd: Red Sox 0, Rangers 0

Saltalamacchia walked with one out but Hall popped to second and Kalish struck out looking after a good, 10-pitch at-bat. Wilson has thrown 15.1 innings against the Sox this season and allowed one run. Impressive.

Top of the 2nd: Red Sox 0, Rangers 0

Dice-K had two K’s and allowed a single by Murphy.

Middle of the 1st: Red Sox 0, Rangers 0

McDonald singled with one out and advanced to second on a wild pitch. But he was stranded as Martinez struck out and Beltre grounded out.

Top of the 1st: Red Sox 0, Rangers 0

We’re underway here in Texas, where’s it’s a chilly 99 at first pitch.

Some people asked why they were playing a day game in Texas in August. I was told that ESPN controls Sunday night for Sunday Night Baseball and would not grant a waiver for the game. As a result, the stands are about a third full and it’ll be a miracle if some of the players aren’t overcome by the heat.

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