Make a difference: Vote for the ‘Hammer’


Extra Bases is asking you for a favor today to help a young man with a really long name. is running a contest to determine the best name in the minors this season. There are two finalists: Lowell outfielder Seth Schwindenhammer and Rowdy Hardy, a Double A pitcher in the Kansas City organization.

The good folks at Lowell sent out a press release with these facts:

  • Schwindenhammer, which translates literally into “Swing the Hammer” in German, would be the longest name in Major League history, surpassing that of Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia.
  • Hardy’s actual name is Leonard. So he doesn’t really have the best name. He just has a cool nickname. “Lenny Hardy just doesn’t compare to a name like Schwindenhammer and it would be tantamount to using performance enhancing drugs if a ‘performance enhancing nickname’ is used to win the contest,” Lowell spokesman Jon Boswell said.
  • So far, Schwindenhammer has defeated Skyler Stromsmoe, Petey Paramore, Beamer Weems, Gookie Dawkins and Bubbie Buzachero in the NCAA-bracket style contest.
  • The winner receives the Wonderful Terrific Monds III Award in honor of the former Braves prospect.

    Voting is taking place now. Go to and you can vote as often as you like. The deadline is tomorrow.

    If everybody who reads Extra Bases votes once or twice, I’m sure we can push Seth over the top. And we’d all be proud. Or something like that.

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