Manny not on waivers yet

Manny Ramirez has not been placed on trade waivers today according to a major league source.

Ramirez, who was was reinstated from the disabled list Sunday, was eligible to go on waivers today, but the Dodgers didn’t do it. It’s expected they will.

Ramirez could garner interest in the National League, but if he gets through the NL unclaimed the question is which AL teams would have interest in putting in a claim?

Many believe the White Sox, but if he slips past them then it may come down to the Red Sox having to decide whether to put a claim on him just to block him from going to Tampa Bay. This could get tricky. With Ramirez, the Dodgers may say ‘take him please’ and just award him to whichever team claims him.


There’s belief the Red Sox blocked Tampa Bay from getting Johnny Damon, but also decided that if they were awarded Damon that he would be useful.

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