Red Sox gain just a little ground

So after roughly 12 hours at Fenway Park and enough rain to float the USS Constitution, the Red Sox picked up a half-game on the Yankees and Rays.

That’s not good enough, not even against Felix Hernandez. The Sox are no position to give away games to teams like Seattle. Tim Wakefield did his best, but his error led to a run and then he gave up three more.

Would Jon Lester have done better? We’ll never know. But Daisuke Matsuzaka’s bad back certainly came at a poor time. Instead of being 5.5 games out, the Sox could have have been 4.5 out.


Matsuzaka will be further evaluated tomorrow. There also is no word on Dustin Pedroia, who is getting opinions from every doctor short of Dr. J and Dr. Kevorkian.

The Sox are fighting, give them credit for that. But now there are 34 games left. Going 22-12 the rest of the way would give them 96 wins and even that might not be enough.

All they can do is try and after a day off, they’ll see what happens in Tampa on Friday.

Thanks to everybody for reading today. We had 13 posts on the blog and another day of 500+ comments. It’s gratifying to cover a team that so many people care about.

Make sure you read the Globe tomorrow, too. There will be six stories, photos, stats and more.

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