Manny to have dreads trimmed in Boston

Montro, barber to sports stars, has texted to tell me he will be doing Manny Ramirez’s hair in Boston either on Thursday or Friday. Ramirez’s dreadlocks have already become an issue in Chicago, where team owner Jerry Reinsdorf has a policy on the length of hair.

Ramirez, who went 1 for 3 today in his White Sox debut, will be in town with the White Sox to start a three-game weekend series vs. Boston on Friday at Fenway.

Montro didn’t give any hints on what he had planned for Ramirez, who again wears No. 99 as he did with the Dodgers. It was Montro’s idea to have Ramirez wear No. 99 in LA. The barber has a thing for that number.


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