Manny: I would have come back to Boston

Manny Ramirez was at Fenway before the game was called off and told a small group of reporters (and NESN) that he regretted how his tenure with the Red Sox ended in 2008.

“I think everything was my fault,” he said. “You’ve got to be a real man to realize when you do wrong. Hey, it was my fault, right? I’m already past that stage. I’m happy. I’m in a new team.”

Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers on July 31, 2008 after a series of incidents that included physical confrontations with teammate Kevin Youkilis and traveling secretary Jack McCormick.


Ramirez said he apologized to Youkilis in June when he played a series at Fenway with the Dodgers.

“I said, ‘Hey, what happened between you and me, I’m sorry. It was my fault,’ ” Ramirez said. “It takes a real man to go and tell a person, ‘Hey, it was my fault,’ and that’s what I did.”

Beyond apologizing for his actions, Ramirez did not care to reflect on what he might have done differently while playing for the Sox.

“That’s in the past. I’ll just leave it there. I would have been more relaxed, more patient,” he said. “In life, you pass every stage. I passed that stage and you keep growing. You look back and say I did this wrong. But what’s done is done. All you can do is go and play the game and finish your career.”

Ramirez even thinks the Sox have a chance at the postseason, charitably saying they still could catch the Yankees or Rays.

“They still have one month left. Anything can happen,” he said.

Ramirez enjoyed the series in June and was looking forward to playing at Fenway this weekend.

“It feels great. The first time, all the guys came up and said hi to me, it was fun,” he said.


Fans booed Ramirez during that series. But he remembered it differently.

“They were great,” he said. “I don’t know what to say. They received me very good and I was happy.”

Ramirez was 5 for 12 with one home run in that series. He is a career .316 hitter at Fenway Park in his career with 142 home runs over 593 games.

Ramirez went so far to say that he would have approved a waiver deal to return to the Red Sox had they claimed him.

“Hey, I gotta come and see what I could do for them,” he said. “What I did here in the past is in the past. They way they are playing, why should I say no to them?”

Now that would have been something.

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