White Sox top Red Sox in Game 1, 3-1

Game over: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

The hurricane that never showed up last night was more exciting than this game. Lowrie started the inning with a single. But Hall struck out, McDonald popped to left and Scutaro flied to left. The Sox left nine runners stranded

The Sox are now nine games out of first, their largest deficit of the season, pending the result of the Yankees game.

Back in a bit with more including lineups for Game 2. John Lackey will be working on excuses warming up before you know it.

Middle of the 9th: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

The White Sox had runners on first and third with one out when Alexi Ramirez got picked off first. Then Beckham popped up to short to end the inning.


Now the Sox will send up Lowrie, Hall and McDonald up against Bobby Jenks, although I’m guessing we see a pinch hitter (Nava?) for D-Mac.

Top of the 9th: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

The Sox aren’t exactly charging to the finish here as they go in order again. Sergios Santos pitched that inning. Bobby Jenks warming up for the ChiSox.

Middle of the 8th: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

Wakefield set down the side in order. Manny grounded to third to end the inning, much to the delight of the crowd.

Top of the 8th: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

The Sox went in order. Drew is 0 for 4 today. In his last 50 games he is hitting .213 with a .303 on-base percentage and a .374 slugging percentage. When the Red Sox needed him to step up, he stepped back.

Wakefield in now.

Middle of the 7th: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

Jones started the inning with a double. Alexi Ramirez bunted but Atchison threw Jones out at third. Beckham followed with an RBI double into the corner in left that Hall was a little slow digging out. In came Dustin Richardson, who struck out Pierre and got Vizquel to ground to second.

Top of the 7th: White Sox 2, Red Sox 1


Lowrie walked and Hall singled with two outs. McDonald hit the ball sharply but Vizquel grabbed it at third base and fired to second for the force.

The Sox have left eight runners on, four in scoring position. Atchison back out for the sixth.

Middle of the 6th: White Sox 2, Red Sox 1

Vizquel singled before Rios grounded to Beltre and he started a double play. Konkero (3 for 3) singled as did Manny (2 for 3). Pierzynski grounded to third and Beltre tagged out Konerko to end the inning.

Top of the 6th: White Sox 2, Red Sox 1

Some life by the Red Sox. Hall started it with a single before McDonald walked. Scutaro lined an RBI single to center. But J.D. Drew (whose 2010 has been pretty lousy) popped to center before Martinez flied to left. Beltre had a chance to at least tie the score and crushed the ball but on a line to left fielder Pierre.

Buchholz is done after 95 pitches. Atchison is in. Now that the Red Sox are out of it, they’ll be cautious with the starters.

Middle of the 5th: White Sox 2, Red Sox 0

Much-needed 1-2-3 inning for Buchholz there.

Meanwhile, Pudge Fisk is here It’s hard to believe now, but there was once a television commercial featuring Fisk chopping down a tree and extolling the virtues of Skoal. I also can remember riding my bicycle five miles when I was a kid to go see Pudge at George O’Hara Chevrolet in New Bedford. He looked big as life to a 12-year-old. Back in the day, kids, big leaguers would drive an hour to New Bedford to make a few bucks signing autographs at a car dealer.


Years later, I asked him if he remembered going to my hometown. Pudge looked at me like I was crazy.

Top of the 5th: White Sox 2, Red Sox 0

The Red Sox must have misplaced their scouting reports on Danks as they’re taking a bunch of lousy swings. That inning featured Ortiz grounding to first, Lowell popping to left and Lowrie hitting a fly ball to center.

Middle of the 4th: White Sox 2, Red Sox 0

Clay Buchholz looks more like Matt Young, not Cy Young. Konerko went the other way again, this time with a ground-rule double over the wall in right. Manny moved him over with a grounder to second. Pierzynski dumped a single into center to make it 2-0. Jones then grounded into a double play.

Buchholz has already thrown 86 pitches.

Top of the 4th: White Sox 1, Red Sox 0

Scutaro whiffed, Drew flied to center, Martinez singled and Beltre popped to second.

Middle of the third: White Sox 1, Red Sox 0

Buchholz needed 19 pitches to get two outs as Beckman flied to center and Pierre lined to center. Vizquel then walked and went to third on a single by Vizquel. With Konerko up, Rios tried to steal second. Buchholz threw to the base. Vizquel broke off third and Lowrie threw him out at the plate.

31-pitch inning for Buchholz. Ugly.

Juan Pierre, Omar Vizquel, Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Manny Ramirez, Andruw Jones … the White Sox need Marty McFly’s DeLorean to go back in time to 2006. They’d be great then.

Top of the 3rd: White Sox 1, Red Sox 0

Sox blew a chance there. Beltre singled before Ortiz struck out. Lowell then had a wind-blown double over the head of Rios in center. Lowrie walked to load the bases but Hall struck out before McDonald grounded into a force at second.

Middle of the 2nd: White Sox 1, Red Sox 0

The White Sox had three hits to the opposite field in the inning. Konerko dunked a single into right. Manny (to a cascade of boos) came to the plate and singled over Lowell’s head and down the line. Konerko went to third and scored when Pierzynski grounded into a double play. Jones had a ground-rule double to right before Alexei Ramirez struck out

Top of the 2nd: White Sox 0, Red Sox 0

Three up and three down for Danks. Scutaro popped to right, Drew popped to third and Martinez flied to right. Now Manny will be up second. He got a mixture of boos and cheers when he was introduced before the game. At this point, it’s not much of a story. He played here two years ago. He was traded. Life goes on. It’s probably time to get over it.

Middle of the 1st: White Sox 0, Red Sox 0

Three up and three down for Buchholz. Two grounders and a liner to Lowell.

Top of the 1st: White Sox 0, Red Sox 0

Beautiful day at Fenway as we await first pitch. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez hugged out in center field, much as they did when the Dodgers were in town in June. While they are friendly, Ortiz said last week that he goes months at a time without speaking to Manny.

The stands are about a third full at the moment. It’ll be a sellout in terms of tickets sold but not in terms of butts in seats. Clay Buchholz now warming up to the strains of Jimi Hendrix.

Enjoy the game and, please, feel free to leave your comments.

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