Scutaro and Lowrie switch positions

Marco Scutaro is now playing second base and Jed Lowrie is at shortstop.

This is related to Scutaro’s shoulder injury and the trouble he has throwing. Scutaro said he has some manner of tear and was told it can’t get any worse. “Playing second makes it a little easier for me,” Scutaro said,

We’re waiting on a better explanation via the Red Sox.

UPDATE, 5:57 p.m.: Sox are saying it’s “inflammation of a long-standing rotator cuff injury.”

Scutaro has started 238 games at second base in his career, but hasn’t played there much since 2008.

UPDATE, 6:22 p.m.: A team source said Scutaro has a tear in his rotator cuff, but that such incomplete tears are common in veteran players, particularly infielders. It’s the type of injury that usually does not require surgery.


Rest, rehab and strengthening exercises are usually enough to get the player’s shoulder back in condition.

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