Citgo sign to light up again Friday

Received this press release a few minutes ago. Thought you might be interested:

CITGO will relight the famous Boston CITGO Sign in Kenmore Square on Friday during the seventh inning stretch of the Red Sox game. The 45-year-old, 3,600-square-foot sign has undergone almost two months of extensive renovations.

To celebrate the long history with the Red Sox and Boston, CITGO is hosting a Red Sox Fan Fest on Friday at the Landsdowne Pub, located at 9 Landsdowne Street in Boston, right next to Fenway Park. Red Sox fans and Bostonians are invited to cheer on the home team and countdown to the sign’s relighting. Free food will be served before the game and during the seventh inning stretch, when the sign is relit.


Over the past two months, approximately 218,000 LED lights on the double-sided, 60-foot by 60-foot square sign were replaced with stronger, more technologically advanced bulbs. The new lights are specially designed to withstand the high winds and extreme temperature variations in Boston. New materials will ensure the sign is brighter than ever as it flashes out the famous pattern over the city’s skyline.


I can remember as a kid asking my Dad what the sign was above the wall and he said it was for home runs and meant “See It Go.” I believed that for a long time, too. Anybody else think that or was my pops the only wise guy?

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