Greetings from Gate S-5

Good morning from Seattle, where it’s 5:19 a.m. There weren’t many good options for a red-eye last night, so it’s an early flight this morning.

There was nearly a rebellion in the Delta baggage line this morning. As people were waiting to drop their bags, a guy with three large bags was at the counter filling out tags with his address. That’s a no-no. Do that somewhere else.

Then, when two of his bags were six pounds overweight, he decided to try and defy the laws of physics by rearranging everything. Because shoes on one side of the bag weigh less if you move them to the other side. Shockingly, that didn’t work. Then he tried to pay for the overweight charge with currency from Lichtenstein or somewhere.


At that point, people started getting agitated The poor woman at the counter finally told him he needed to go stand in some other line.

There’s a simple solution for this. You get one chance to mess up like that. Then the second time you do it, you get “no fly” tattooed on your forehead. Either that you have to spend five minutes in a locked room with the people who were behind you.

That’s about it for now. Not sure how many updates we’ll have on the blog today, especially with the team off and a long day of travel ahead.

But if something does come up, I’m sure the guys in the office will keep you posted.

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