Walk-off woes and Papi’s production

Two little statistical nuggets for you:

• The Sox have 13 walk-off losses this season. That’s the most since 1978. Thanks to Jon Shestakofsky of the Sox for looking that up.

• Then there is David Ortiz, who has 1,000 RBIs as a designated hitter. Only Edgar Martinez (with 1,003) has more since the DH came into the American League in 1973.

Papi has 305 home runs as a DH, which is the record. Frank Thomas is second with 261.

It’ll be interesting to see how David fares in the Hall of Fame voting once he retires. Being a DH (and therefore not a complete player) will hurt his cause. But being the best DH ever has to count for something.


If he finishes his career with 400+ homers and wins another title with the Sox, he’ll have a a decent case. I suspect longevity will come into play as David did not become a Hall of Fame-type player until the age of 27. My guess is that he falls short, ultimately.

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