At least the power was there for the Sox

Further evidence of how nothing went as expected this season:

All last winter and throughout spring training, the questions centered around whether the Red Sox would have enough power. With three games left to play they have 354 doubles (fourth in franchise history) and 207 home runs (sixth in franchise history).

And that was without Dustin Pedroia for three months, Kevin Youkilis for two months and Victor Martinez for one month. It defies logic.

Another oddity is that the Red Sox have won only 44 games at home and will win their fewest games at Fenway since the 2002 team was 42-39 at home.


Man, we wasted a lot of trees writing about what we thought was going to happen in spring training. Very little about this season, good or bad, went as expected by the front office, the media or the fans.

Here’s another weird one. Marco Scutaro has a .721 OPS and will have to fight off Jed Lowrie in spring training. Derek Jeter has a .707 OPS and he’ll probably get a $60 million contract or whatever.

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