Sox will have to act quickly on Ortiz

With new rules in place for dealing with potential free-agents and players with options, the Red Sox will now have only three days after the World Series to make a decision on David Ortiz’ $12.5 million option according to a major league source.

The cleanest and easiest thing to do would be to pick up the option. But will the Sox try to negotiate the salary down to make it more in line with the going rate for DH’s ($6-$8 million) or will they add a second year to entice Ortriz to take less?

With uncertainty surrounding the re-signing of both Adrian Beltre and Victor Martinez, it would appear the Sox just take the surest, simplest route. Stay tuned.


One of the biggest changes is the exclusive negotiating period for a team’s own free agents which used to be 15 days. That has been reduced to five, so quick negotiations would have to take place with Beltre and Martinez. before they enter full free-agency.

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