Larry Lucchino explains Fenway improvements

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Red Sox president Larry Lucchino today spoke about the changes coming to Fenway Park for the 2011 season including new video boards, a makeover for right field, improved walkways on the ground level, and more.

“The fans are absolutely going to love the modern technological advances,” Lucchino said at today’s press conference on this year’s Fenway improvements. “The LED and high definition boards that will be there, there will be much more information, it will be much easier to see. And I think it’s going to add dimensions to the viewing experience here at the ballpark.”

Lucchino spoke about the new and expanded concession and merchandise stands coming to the Gate D area, and offseason improvements being worked on for the right field seating area. “The completion of the work down the right field line, you will see waterproofing, concrete repair, new seats going down the right field line,” Lucchino said. “This is the fourth year of installments to improve the concrete base of the ballpark, the seating, and the water damage that can sometimes come from years and years of operation.


“Once we do this, we are told by our engineers and architects that Fenway Park will be suitable for the exhibition of baseball and other events for another 30 or 40 years.”

The Red Sox president also spoke about the tough business climate the organization faced last season.

“As a business, it was safe to say we had to work much harder to do some of the same things we did in 2009,” Lucchino said. “But we are lucky to have a broad and loyal fan base who came out in big numbers. We sold out every game, and I think our fans and our sponsors got their money’s worth with a competitive team despite the difficulties.”

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