Job-hunting Manny loves those Jays

The Manny Ramirez “Give Me A Job” Tour has started.

The once sought-after slugger told ESPN Deportes that he wants to play for John Farrell in Toronto.

“Toronto has made a tremendous acquisition. Farrell is a manager I would play for Toronto is a team that I liked since I had all these great Dominicans in the 80s,” Ramirez said.

(At least that is the rough translation)

Manny, who turns 39 in May, hit a respectable .298/.409/.460 this season. But he played in only 90 games, his fewest since 1994. He also hit only nine home runs. The Dodgers got tired of his act and gave him away on a waiver claim to the White Sox. Ramirez then drove in a grand total of two runs in 88 plate appearances for Chicago.


Ramirez is virtually incapable of playing the field at this point, which could limit him to the 14 American League teams. The Red Sox want nothing to do with him. Neither do the Yankees or White Sox. That leaves 11 teams and it’s safe to say some of those won’t be interested.

Manny can still get on base. But he’s an older player with diminishing power and a well-chronicled attitude problem. Toss in his history with PEDs and that’s not exactly a glittering resume.

Meanwhile, DH types expected to get on the market include David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Vlad Guerrero, Lance Berkman, Paul Konerko and Jim Thome.

Before too long, Manny may be saying how he always liked the BBQ in Kansas City and the crab cakes in Baltimore.

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