Red Sox pick up option on Ortiz

The team just announced they will pick up the $12.5 million option on David Ortiz. They also picked up the option for RHP Scott Atchison.

As expected, they declined the options on Bill Hall and Felipe Lopez.

More to come on this

In other news, the Tigers have traded shortstop Brent Dlugach to the Red Sox for a player to be named later or cash. He hit .258/.303/.360 in Triple A last season but is said to be a good defensive player. Enjoy Pawtucket, Brent. Try the Del’s Lemonade.

UPDATE, 1:49 p.m.: The Red Sox probably aren’t too happy about overpaying David Ortiz in 2011. David probably isn’t too happy to be playing on a one-year deal. But in every business negotiation, there are usually good points and bad points at the end.


Good for the Red Sox: They get arguably the best DH in the American League back. Ortiz had an .899 OPS last season, was healthy and gave the Red Sox production in the middle of their lineup. If the right field fences are moved in, he could hit 35 homers. His presence in the clubhouse, while unquantifiable, is a significant one. By keeping Ortiz for a year, they get some roster flexibility in 2012.

Bad for the Red Sox: Eventually Ortiz is not going to get out of his early season slump. The question is whether than happens in 2011 or down the road. He doesn’t hit lefties well any more (although there was improvement late in the season) and the AL East is stocked with high-quality southpaws. Ortiz offers little flexibility as he can’t play the field beyond a few interleague games.

Good for David: He will almost certainly be the highest paid DH next season. He stays with a team and a place where he is comfortable. After recovering from his slump last season Terry Francona will give him plenty of rope.

Bad for David: If he does slump and it continues for months, it would be easier for the Red Sox to release him off a one-year deal. But it would likely never come to that. While Ortiz may not like a one-year deal, his agent or somebody else will explain that what he’s missing for 2012, he’s making in 2011.


On the open market, given his age and limitations, Ortiz would have received one year and $6 million, maybe a little less or a little more. So the Sox are overpaying but do take care of one need and now can move forward with other issues.

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