The options beyond the option for Ortiz

After several e-mails from fans and text messages from friends, it seems like a good time to point out that today’s option deadline for David Ortiz is not necessarily a big deal.

If the Red Sox turn down the option, they still have two days if negotiation exclusivity with Ortiz. If that deadline passes, they can still sign him as a free agent,

All today determines is whether they pick up his one-year, $12.5 million option for 2011. If they do, he’ll be on the team. If they don’t, he could still be on the team.

As we’ve been writing for a while now, one way or another Ortiz will be on the Red Sox in 2011. That seems very likely. It’s just a question of how they come to an agreement.


Keep this in mind: Ortiz is a DH and there are only 13 other teams out there who can use a DH. Of those teams, maybe three or four would be interested in investing money in a 35-year-old DH who doesn’t hit lefties well.

The Yankees are not one of them. They have Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter to give DH at-bats to next season.

Tampa Bay is stepping back financially. You’re looking at the Orioles, White Sox, maybe the Tigers or Athletics.

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