V-Mart drawing interest

A few items:

A major league source has indicated that six teams (and that includes the Red Sox) have inquired about Victor Martinez. No firm list yet of who those teams are, but early interest had come from teams like the Tigers, Rockies, Blue Jays, Mariners, Rangers and Orioles.

As far as “early interest” goes, don’t read too much into it. As a Red Sox source reminded me today, the Sox make contact with virtually every major free agent out there. So they either have or will touch base with everyone from Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford, Cliff Lee, Scott Downs, Joaquin Benoit etc. The real serious stuff comes into play when they actually start making offers. That’s when you know they mean business. Certainly Werth, Crawford and Downs, are players they will likely be serious about.


One of the tricky situations Theo Epstein and his staff will have to deal with is trying to balance whether they can sign Martinez and Adrian Beltre and making the decision to cut ties and move on to other free-agents or trades. One of the issues will be that some of the players they’re trying to sign are Scott Boras clients and those tend to take longer because Boras is very thorough about creating a market and maximizing it. Beltre and Werth are both Boras clients.

David Ortiz spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Darnell McDonald and Billy Hall, all of whom posed for a photo with boxer Floyd Mayweather at Saturday’s Drake concert. Montro, the barber (monster99.com), was also there. According to a TMZ report today, Mayweather was just ordered by a Las Vegas judge to stay away from the mother of his child as a result of a domestic incident in September.

As we reported in Sunday Baseball notes, Jacoby Ellsbury is working out in Arizona and the one posterior rib that was refractured and slow in healing, shows healing according to a CT scan performed by Dr. Lewis Yocum in LA.

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