New challenges, and a word of thanks

My mother recently found a piece of paper from high school, on which I had named my dream job. It was easy. There was only one thing I wanted to be: Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe.

Just a decade later I have been there. I have had my dream job. It was an incredible experience, one that sent me all across the country, one that introduced me to readers who challenged me on a daily basis, one that brought me many of my closest friends, one that forced me to become a better writer and a better reporter, one that allowed me to meet my fiance. I can’t imagine a better way to have spent the last five years of my life.


This is all to say that I’m leaving the Red Sox beat, now that the season has ended. It has been a wonderful ride, a period in my career that has meant the world to me, but it’s time to do something else. I am not leaving the Globe, just moving on to work on features and other daily duties in sports. I won’t be gone from Fenway Park, in fact, I’ll still be there quite a bit. But the daily grind of the beat — the hundreds of thousands of airline miles, the hundreds of hotel nights, the thousands of unhealthy meals — is over for me, a move that will allow me to report on the stories that are so important to me, and hopefully to you.

That is why I got in this business in the first place — to tell compelling stories. And I know that my new position will allow me to do so.

(So feel free to send me any and all stories that you would like to see in the pages of the Globe, big or small, far-reaching or not, on baseball or any other sport.)

But, before I move on from the daily business of the Sox beat, I want to thank all of you. You have been some of my biggest advocates, allowing me into your lunch hours and Twitter accounts, allowing me to be a part of your enjoyment of the Sox. You accepted me as a female beat writer in her 20s, not an easy position in which to be. You taught me and questioned me, allowing me to become better at my job as a result. I hope all those things will continue.


So, this is just to say thank you. And I hope you’ll continue reading, whether I’m writing about baseball or football, tennis or the Olympics, as you have for the last half dozen years.

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