Should Sox get in on Justin Upton?

ORLANDO — As we reported in today’s On Baseball column, the Diamondbacks have been fielding offers for Justin Upton, an interesting name considering his youth and his ability. The 23-year-old outfielder is a talent several teams would be interested in and a player the Red Sox should get in on.

The D-Backs have made it clear that listening doesn’t mean trading unless the package coming back is massive. The Red Sox would probably rather sign a Jayson Werth than give up players for someone like Upton, but it’s an intriguing possibility. There doesn’t seem to be anything to a Ryan Braun possibility for Boston, at least not judging by Doug Melvin’s reaction and kidding with Braun about Red Sox rumors that have been out recently.


Victor Martinez’s agents are here and they have some meetings scheduled for the popular switch-hitting free-agent catcher/1B.

Scott Boras is here and there was also a Prince Fielder sighting, a Boras client who could be traded by the Brewers this offseason if the price is right. Is Fielder another player the Sox should be interested in?

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