Epstein denies any ‘line’ on Beltre; A’s reportedly make offer

ORLANDO — Theo Epstein denies he has drawn a “line in the sand” on Adrian Beltre talks. Certainly Epstein will have his limits as talks progress, but right now he said talks are still ongoing.

We reported, according to a major league source, that Epstein will draw the line at four years, $52 million. We’ll see where Boston’s final numbers end up. It was reported by Jon Heyman of SI.com that there are 12 teams currently interested in the third baseman. Beltre lives on the West Coast but eastern teams like the Baltimore Orioles are also interested.

Epstein said as late as Tuesday that his preference for a third baseman would be Beltre. If the number of teams involved in pursuit of Beltre is true, industry sources indicate that Beltre could wind up with a five-year deal.


Update: According to multiple reports, the Oakland A’s have offered Beltre a five-year deal for $64 million.

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