Beltre and Lopez decline arbitration

As expected, Adrian Beltre and Felipe Lopez declined salary arbitration from the Red Sox. The MLBPA just made it official.

As a result, the Red Sox will receive two draft picks as compensation for Beltre if he signs with another team and one for Lopez.

The Red Sox also will get two picks for Victor Martinez, the pride of the Detroit Tigers.

The Sox could have as many as six picks in the first round and the supplemental first round: Their own, two for Martinez, two for Beltre and one for Lopez.

If the Red Sox sign a Type A free agent who was offered arbitration (like, say, Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth), they would lose their first round pick. Signing a second one would cost them their second-round pick. Picks they receive as compensation are protected.


Even if they retain Beltre and sign another Type A, the Sox will still have three of the first 50 or so picks.

Beltre and Lopez remain eligible to sign with the Red Sox. That is a possibility with Beltre but Lopez was obtained with the idea of turning him into a pick and that was accomplished.


The only players who accepted arbitration were LHP Jason Frasor (Toronto) and RHP Frank Francisco (Texas).

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