Red Sox coverage in today’s Globe

You have to like the teamwork at the Globe. We floated a crazy idea on the blog about Derek Jeter playing for the Red Sox and Dan Shaughnessy wrote a column about it today.

In the days since that blog post, the Jeter-Yankees drama has only gotten thicker.

But the bottom line is this: You have to really believe in the power of intangibles to pay him more than the three years and $45 million the Yankees have offered. Those intangibles may be worth more to the Yankees given Jeter’s prominent place in their history. But to the Red Sox? No way.


As a sportswriter who would enjoy the circus, I agree with Dan’s notion that the Sox should sign Jeter. It would be a lot of fun to cover. But as a baseball pragmatist, it makes little sense to invest a lot of money in a 36-year-old shortstop who has never played so
much as one inning at another position since he was in Little League.

If anything, it would benefit the Red Sox for the Yankees to sign an aging Jeter to a multi-year deal for a lot of money.

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