No agreement yet

A source familiar with the negotiations between the Red Sox and Adrian Gonzalez said there was still no contract agreement at this hour but that both sides were “trying.”

The talks are ongoing this evening and will likely head into the night. There are reports that there’s a 24-hour window which expires at 2 p.m. tomorrow to get a deal done, but that was not confirmed. Major League Baseball allows up to 72-hours for such sign and trade deals unless there’s a pre-made arrangement between the two teams.

All of the aspects of the deal have been agreed upon except the extension at this hour.


The physical, which also included two MRI’s to take a look at past injuries besides the shoulder surgery Gonzalez had after the season, were also examined. The fact that the sides are negotiating a deal indicates that the physical has passed.

An interesting question is if the sides can’t agree within this 24-hour period would the Red Sox still make the deal if they felt there was progress in the talks? We’ll find that out soon.

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