Is A-Gon gone?

One minute progress, next minute talks are off? Strange set of circumstances going on at the moment in the Adrian Gonzalez contract extension talks.’s Jon Heyman reported talks have broken off between the Red Sox and Adrian Gonzalez’ agent John Boggs and the deal is over.

There’s still, however a major gray area in whether they’re off for good or just off for the time being. Boggs has not responded to inquiries in the last half-hour.

One team source indicated that extension talks are off, but another source indicated they could easily get going again. There’s an obvious gap in what the two sides think Gonzalez might be worth.


The other issue would be whether the Red Sox would still make a deal without the extension and there are differing opinions on that as well.

This could be quite a decision for Gonzalez because he may have to stay in San Diego and then not have a desirable situation like Boston available to him next winter. The White Sox also made a bid for Gonzalez, but when they couldn’t make a deal, they opted for Adam Dunn.

The Padres also like the Boston deal in terms of talent they’re getting back and don’t like what they’ve heard from other teams on packages.

We’ll try to piece this together during the afternoon and evening.

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