Red Sox and Gonzalez in OT?

The 2 p.m. deadline for signing Adrian Gonzalez to a contract extension has come and gone, but an extension of the deadline could have taken place. According to one source familiar with the talks, some progress is being made therefore it would reason that the sides would continue to hammer something for the remainder of the afternoon.

Major League Baseball grants up to 72 hours for some sign and trade deals and if the parties are close, nobody is going to tell them they can’t keep negotiating.

Some of the Red Sox brass has arrived here in Orlando for the Winter Meetings, but the brain trust is still in Boston which could mean they aren’t coming to the meetings until late tonight or tomorrow. After all, signing Gonzalez is their biggest piece of business anyway.


One of the big questions is whether the Red Sox would complete the deal without a signing? While no one involved with the talks has been able to answer that question, the feeling around the team is they want to get a deal done with Gonzalez and believe it can be pulled off in the next 12 hours or so.

According to one AL executive, the belief is that Gonzalez was seeking an eight-year deal, while the Red Sox were hoping for a six-year deal. Obviously Boston would be able to raise the ante on Gonzalez’s $6.2 million salary this season with a bonus and then either a six-year or seven-year extension at $20 million plus per season.

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