Beltre’s options drying up?

One thing you learn at this job is never, ever, doubt the power of Scott Boras.

Out of the blue Boras got Jayson Werth a 7-year deal with the Washington Nationals. Now comes another challenge – who signs Adrian Beltre?

With the Orioles trading for third baseman Mark Reynolds with the Diamondbacks that would seem to take them out of the Beltre market. The A’s are also out after they felt snubbed by Beltre the past two years. Who’s left?

The ideal spot for Beltre would be the Angels, close to his LA home, who are still the frontrunners. But if the Angels are in on Carl Crawford, would they sign both?


Boras is terrific in creating markets and don’t sell him short on finding a team that might not be public at the moment.

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