Hoyer: Gonzalez will be ‘a monster’ at Fenway Park

Padres general manager Jed Hoyer met with reporters here in Florida regarding the trade. Here are a few of his comments:

“We had a number of teams that were interested. Probably talked to seven or eight teams over the last couple of weeks. It got a lot more active over the last week. I’d say there were three teams that were heavily involved. And one of the big variables was some of the teams that were involved were going to go away or could go away because they were going to sign free agents.”

On making the deal: “The knowledge was a big thing. Boston was clearly the most aggressive team in pursuing Adrian, and we really liked this package of players. From a talent standpoint this was clearly the best package that we had. But the knowledge of the prospects also had a lot to do with it. (Padres assistant GM) Jason McCloud was the (Red Sox) scouting director when all three of these guys were drafted. I know all three of these players. Perhaps the biggest anxiety you have in any trade is the unknown. You don’t know the player, you don’t know the personality, you don’t know the toughness. All of that is taken out of the equation in this trade for us.


“We know these guys. We know they have a great make-up, so that is a huge variable we don’t have to worry about. It lets you sleep a lot better at night knowing that ultimately their talent will take them as far as they’re going to go, but we know their mental toughness, their make-up is going to be topnotch. That’s a big problem when you make trades. You don’t usually have that knowledge.”

On Gonzalez playing at Fenway: “He’s going to be unbelievable in Fenway Park. He hit so many fly balls the other way, so many times it just died kind of helplessly before the warning track in Petco Park, so I think he’s going to be a monster at Fenway Park. They’ve got themselves a great player. A player we certainly wish we could have kept. But I think Red Sox fans will certainly enjoy watching him play for a long time.”

On Casey Kelly: “It is so hard to find affordable starting pitching in our market. (We’re) getting a guy that we feel can be in our rotation for a long time. I think he’s an excellent fit for Petco Park. So the deal was never going to get done without Kelly’s inclusion.


In Boston, Theo Epstein broadly hinted that the sides have an understanding of what it would take for a contract extension. To be more specific, the extension will be for seven years and $154 million according to sources.

For luxury tax reasons, the deal is not expected to be announced until after Opening Day. The delay also will give the Red Sox a chance to make sure Gonzalez is fully healthy.

To be sure, they would not have made the trade without knowing Gonzalez would be in Boston long term. It’s not guaranteed but there obviously is an understanding.

One of the other teams in the mix was the White Sox.

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