Projecting Gonzalez at Fenway Park

This may cause you to lose your mind a little.

The web site has a database that allows you to look at the balls a player hit at a certain park and see where they were wound have wound up at a different park.

So, let’s take a look at the balls Adrian Gonzalez hit at Petco Park last season and see where they would have landed at Fenway:

Gonzalez chart .png


It’s important to keep in mind that there are dozens of variables that this chart can’t account for — pitchers, game situations, weather, etc. — but it does show that Gonzalez’s ability to hit the ball the other way should lead to a marked increase in production at home for him.


It appears as though Gonzalez hit roughly 15 balls at Petco that would have been hits at Fenway and most of those would have been for extra bases.


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