Heard around the lobby

LAKE BUENA VISTA – It’s been a quiet day so far, but there are always rumblings that concern the Red Sox. Here are a few that concern them and other teams:

1. Carlos Beltran – Change of scenery type situation that would send Beltran to the Red Sox if the Mets were wiling to pick up some salary. One Mets official told me that Beltran’s knees aren’t as bad as people think. There is a link here with Sox executive Allard Baird, who had Beltran in Kansas City.

2. Magglio Ordonez – The free agent outfielder is looking for a new spot again. The Tigers are interested, but the Red sox have also explored it with Scott Boras. Wouldn’t be a bad fiot in left field for Sox.


3. Matt Diaz – The righthanded hitting outfielder and former Brave, has about 10 teams interested. The Red Sox are one of them. Can really hit lefthanded pitching. Hit lefties at a .318 clip.

4. Grady Sizemore – Not a righthanded bat, but coming off two years of injuries. Indians would love to move him. Unknown is whether he can play right off the bat or whether he needs some time.

5. Russell Martin – Red Sox are one of the teams on him as well as the Yankees. Not a great receiver, but he’d more of a jack-of-all-trades type player who could play the infield positions except shortstop, catch and DH.

6. Matt Guerrier – The Twins reliever has made 70-plus appearances four straight years, which is good and bad. How many games left in that arm. Right now the price is high in terms of years (asking for three). Sox and a few teams, one being the Dodgers, are in on him.

7. Adrian Beltre – The former Sox third baseman has a market, but how big? The one idea floating around is the Nats could be exploring signing Beltre and moving Ryan Zimmerman to first base. Not sure I buy this one, but the Nats and Scott Boras have a new-found relationship. The Rangers may also be interested with the idea of moving Michael Young to first base.


8. Cliff Lee – Nobody believes that a team has a seven-year offer out there for him as his agent hinted today. The Nats say it’s not them though they’re interested. The Yankees say it’s not them and the Rangers also will not go seven. Then who?

9. Jason Varitek – Dodgers could have been Varitek’s future address had the Red Sox not re-signed him.

10. Lars Anderson and Josh Reddick – Their names are popping up in different circles because they have become redundant players on a team that has a top first baseman (Adrian Gonzalez) and a couple of centerfielders (Jacoby Ellsbury and Ryan Kalish).

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