Reaction to the Crawford deal

The Red Sox snatching up Carl Crawford is the talk of the Winter Meetings. Here is a sample:

Mets assistant general manager J.P. Ricciardi: “Boy, they made themselves better. Not that they were bad, but they made themselves better. Crawford has a dynamic. It’s not just the speed, it’s the speed and he’s a usable hitter. He hits. The wall is only going to help him. The Red Sox did a great job.

“You think of the triangle out there. You think off the doubles off the wall and the triples he will have. Singles he makes doubles. Having him and Ellsbury in the lineup, that’s just impressive. They did a great job.


“I know one thing, I’m glad I’m not in the American League East any more.”

Angels general manager Tony Reagins, whose team was second in the Crawford bidding: “We’re committed to winning. We’re going to play baseball, play it hard and play it every day. Free agency is part of the process. Our commitment is to our fans and we’re going to put a championship-caliber team on the field and we’ll keep moving forward.

“In the future we’ll probably be on this side of things. I think a lot of other clubs have players going in the other direction. It’s not unique, it’s something that happens every year. I think you compete (with the Red Sox and Yankees) by developing and scouting. You do those things well, you can compete They have revenue streams that other clubs don’t have.”

Arizona general manager Kevin Towers: “I talked about Adrian (Gonzalez) knocking paint off the wall. Jeez, you’re going to have to have some guy hanging there constantly (repainting) during the game. That’s a pretty impressive lineup.

“I think the beauty of the Adrian deal is where Adrian is at this (coming) year. You’ve got some cost certainly for year one. Once you had him, you’re able to get another big bat and all of a sudden you become front-runners or division favorites.”


By that Towers means the $6.2 million Gonzalez will be paid in 2011 helped open the door for Crawford. As we explained earlier in the week, the Red Sox still had roughly $30 million to spend. Well, most if that will go to Crawford now but there is still some room for bullpen improvements.

Back later with more once we talk to Theo Epstein.

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