Desperate times for the Yankees

Andy Pettitte must be having a good chuckle down at his ranch in Texas.

The Yankees held his feet to the fire in 2009, signing him to a $5.5 million deal that included assorted incentives based on innings pitched and days spent on the roster. The deal didn’t get done until Jan. 26.

Now Pettitte is a free agent again and is coming off a season that saw him go 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA. With Cliff Lee off to Cheesesteakland, Pettitte could be all that stands between the Yankees and Bruce Chen.

If Pettitte does retire — and he’s 38 with four kids and roughly $125 million in career earnings — the Yankees may have to empty the farm and make a deal for a starter. Signing Russell Martin could be a sign they’re willing to deal one of their catching prospects.


The Red Sox should sign Pettitte and deal off Matsuzaka. Let’s make the hot stove melt.

Meanwhile, the Yankees have signed Mark Prior to a minor-league deal. He last pitched in the majors in 2006.

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