Sox never in on Greinke

Not a big surprise that the Red Sox never really got into the Zack Greinke talks.

It was explored, but the feeling was that Greinke and the Boston market wouldn’t mix given his past anxiety issues. Nobody knows Greinke better than Sox special assistant Allard Baird, who helped Greinke through some of his toughest times in Kansas City where Baird was the GM at the time.

Greinke also had Boston as one of the teams he couldn’t be traded to.

The Red Sox had also pretty much run out players they could offer the Royals after sending three major prospects to San Diego for Adrian Gonzalez.

The Brewers made a super deal for him. Couple that with the Shaun Marcum acquisition in a separate deal with Toronto and the Brewers are suddenly a force in the NL Central.


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