Jenks spars with the Guillens

So Bobby Jenks did an interview with and ripped his former manager, Ozzie Guillen.

“I’ll always respect [Guillen] as a person and give him credit that’s due,” Jenks said. “But I want to play for a manager who trusts his relievers, regardless of what’s going on.

“With the way Ozzie was talking this winter and the way he treated me, I don’t want to fight with the guy. How many times did he question my ability, and then saying how he would love to have me back, but I would have to come to spring training and fight for the closer’s role like anyone else?


“Why would I come back to that negativity? I’m looking forward to playing for a manager who knows how to run a bullpen.”

Oney Guillen rose up on Twitter to defend his father by attacking Jenks. I’ll spare you the profane details and tortured prose, but he accused Jenks of assorted things, including having a drinking problem and not caring about losses.

Oney Guillen, you may recall, attacked White Sox GM Kenny Williams on Twitter last spring and then resigned his “job” in the team video department when asked to stop. This sort of thing is fairly common with the White Sox, who fight with each other all the time.

Make of it what you will. But this is more a Chicago issue than anything the Red Sox need to worry about. Whatever issues Jenks may have likely will be remedied by being in a more professional setting.

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