Mmmmm, draft picks

Adrian Beltre signed with the Red Sox one year ago tomorrow.

If you had told Theo Epstein that day that Beltre would have such a monster year that he would become a Type A free agent and bring back two draft picks in return, it’s likely he would have laughed.

One year later, bingo. Beltre has agreed to terms with Texas on a five-year deal pending a physical according to multiple sources. Unless the Rangers sign Rafael Soriano, the No. 26 pick belongs to the Sox.

The Red Sox turned Beltre, Victor Martinez, three prospects and their own first round pick into Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and four draft picks. Beltre and Martinez would have cost them at least $27 million in 2011. Gonzalez and Crawford will get $26.3 million.


Not a bad deal.

That’s it for tonight. The Hall of Fame voting will be unveiled at 2 p.m. tomorrow and we’ll have the results here. My guess is Robbie Alomar and Bert Blyleven get in with Rock Raines having a decent shot.

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