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Some thoughts on the Hall of Fame voting

Since I voted for Robbie Alomar and Bert Blyleven, I’m glad they got in. I think Barry Larkin will get there eventually and Tim Raines will become the next player to benefit from widespread grassroots support from those outside the mainstream media.

It doesn’t look good for Mark McGwire, who got a lower percentage (19.8) of votes than he did last year (23.7). Rafael Palmeiro got scant support as well. Clearly the electorate looks down on those who were caught with PEDs or admitted use.

Wonder if guys like Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez will take note?

That Jeff Bagwell received 41.7 percent surprised me, as I thought it would be a little less. It will be interesting to see whether that number rises or falls next year and in years to come.


Jack Morris was a pretty good pitcher who did his best work in big games, which has elevated his resume in some sentimental eyes. But he went up only a little bit (53.5 percent) from last year (52.3) and I doubt that will change much. Blyleven benefited from the advent of advanced statistics that showed his value. Those same statistics work against Morris.

The voting process is flawed in many ways. There were 581 votes cast and that is too many. The BBWAA should be more discriminating in who gets a vote and should purge those voters who aren’t actively involved with covering baseball.

That five people submitted blank ballots is a mystery to me, too.

But in the end, two deserving candidates got in and deserving players such as Raines and Larkin got closer. That’s good news.


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