Wolff and McCourt shoot down rumor of Dodger sale

Neither Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt or A’s owner Lew Wolff know how it got started, but both owners indicated there was nothing to an ESPN report that Wolff, currently the Oakland A’s owner, was interested in purchasing the Dodgers.

McCourt, a Boston native, who has gone through a very public and painful divorce with his former wife Jamie, said the rumors took him by surprise.

“Lew was in touch with me as soon as he became aware of the rumor that started to circulate a few days ago to make sure that I knew there was nothing to it,” McCourt wrote in a text.


McCourt saw Wolff at the owners’ meetings in Phoenix and they discussed it again.

“I have no idea where this one originated,” said Wolff from his cell phone at the owners’ meetings. “It’s completely untrue. We’re right in the middle of trying to get the go-ahead from Commissioner Selig about moving our franchise to San Jose. That’s all I’m thinking about. The Dodgers have an owner.”

There has been much speculation that McCourt may have to sell the Dodgers because of the split in the divorce settlement, but that speculation is far from McCourt’s thinking at present.

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