Thanks to Yanks, Sox wrap up a pick

One result of the Yankees signing Rafael Soriano is that the Red Sox will receive the No. 26 pick in the draft from Texas as compensation for Adrian Beltre.

Under baseball’s intricate compensation rules, Soriano was somehow ranked as more valuable than Beltre. So had Texas signed him, their first-round pick would have gone to the Rays and the Red Sox would have received a second-round pick.

As it stands today, the Red Sox will have two picks in the first round — Nos. 19 and 26 — and two picks in the supplemental first round. If Type B free agent Felipe Lopez signs with somebody, they’ll get a third pick in that round.


By the time it all shakes out, the Red Sox should have five of the first 60 picks. But Tampa will control the draft. The Rays will have 11 of the first 90 picks and nine before the start of the second round.


In case you missed it, DH Jim Thome has signed with the Twins (one year, $3 million) and Oakland came to terms with RHP Grant Balfour (two years, $8.1 million).

Thome had a 1.039 OPS over 340 plate appearances last season. Manny Ramirez had an .870 OPS over 320 PAs. It will be very interesting to see what kind of deal he gets.

Meanwhile, that $12.5 million David Ortiz received from the Red Sox is looking better every day for Big Papi. Remember those stories about how he might be upset having to take one year? Yeah, not so much.

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