Red Sox payroll will be close to $163M

The Red Sox will have a payroll of close to $163 million for 2011, right around what it was last season.

These players have their contracts set for next season

Josh Beckett $15.75 million
John Lackey: $15.25 million
Jonathan Papelbon: $12 million
Daisuke Matsuzaka: $10 million
Bobby Jenks: $6 million
Jon Lester: $5.75 million
Dan Wheeler: $3 million
Tim Wakefield: $2 million
Hideki Okajima: $1.75 million
Scott Atchison: $450,000
Matt Albers: $400,000 (guaranteed, would make $875,000 if he makes the team)

Total:$72.35 million

Position players
Carl Crawford: $20 million (including bonus)
J.D. Drew: $14 million
David Ortiz: $12.5 million
Kevin Youkilis: $12 million
Mike Cameron: $7.25 million
Adrian Gonzalez: $6.3 million
Dustin Pedroia: $5.5 million
Marco Scutaro: $5 million
Jacoby Ellsbury: $2.4 million
Jason Varitek: $2 million
Jarrod Saltalamacchia: $750,000


Total: $87.7 million

0-3 service time players
(salary determined by team)
Clay Buchholz
Daniel Bard
Jed Lowrie
Darnell McDonald

Those four players would combine to make no more than $2.50 million.

Total: $162.65 million.

Note: This is the payroll based on 2011 salaries of the 25-man roster. The Competitive Balance Tax payroll is based on the average annual value of contracts on Opening Day and is different.

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