As for the Yanks: Tick … tick …. Boom!

Brian Cashman is at it again. Last week the Yankees general manager went public with his disagreement over the signing of reliever Rafael Soriano. Then today he said he sees Derek Jeter moving to the outfield before his contract is up.

“In my mind his athletic abilities translate better to the outfield,” Cashman said during a Q&A at a breakfast event sponsored by WFAN radio.

It’s nothing the Yankees have spoken to Jeter about and Cashman said it wasn’t happening any time soon. But it’s on the table now. In New York, this will be treated like somebody suggesting moving the Empire State Building to Staten Island.


Jeter will not take this news well. There are two quick ways to end an interview with No. 2: Ask about his personal life or ask about him moving off shortstop.

Let’s review: The Yankees have roughly 2.5 reliable starters, the most expensive set-up man ever who the GM didn’t want and an aging icon whose future is being bandied about over blueberry muffins.

Underestimate the Yankees at your own peril as their lineup remains fearsome. But there is a bit of unrest in the Bronx as Cashman speaks his mind entering the final year of his contract. For Red Sox fans, that is welcome.

The rivalry renews on April 8 at Fenway.

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