Red Sox sign New Zealand softball player

Te Wera Bishop, a 17-year-old softball player from New Zealand, has signed with the Red Sox according to media reports in that country.

“We have been impressed by his abilities behind the plate, he has excellent hands and a strong throwing arm, and with instruction from our Boston Red Sox coaches, we are confident he can make the appropriate changes from softball to baseball,” Red Rox Pacific Rim scout Jon Deeble told the web site

“We believe he shows the aptitude and willingness to be a successful baseball player. He has also showed us the ability to hit the ball out of the park. There needs to be a few minor adjustments made from the softball swing to baseball with the ball coming from different angles. This will also take time, but watching him hit some baseballs, he showed us a great amount of bat speed.”


Bishop will travel to Fort Myers next month. He’ll be in extended spring training. The Sox already have two Australian prospects in the system, Class A players Boss and Moko Moanaroa.

(Thanks to Phil, a loyal reader from Wellington New Zealand who forwarded us this news. All tips are appreciated.)

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