Epstein has the injury updates

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Theo Epstein on Adrian Gonzalez:

“He has been on or ahead of schedule the whole winter with his rehab in terms of range of motion and strength in the shoulder. He had been projected to start swinging a bat March 1 and getting into games the third week of March or so. But if he’s doing as well as it seems, there might be some flexibility to move that timetable up. I think we all feel like he’ll be ready for Opening Day. We’re going to get together and map out a schedule that makes sense. We’re excited that he feels so good and is here early.”


On Dustin Pedroia: “Obviously we’re also going to take a conservative path with him this spring. The goal is to get him ready for Opening Day, not for the college exhibition games. He had some ups and downs over the winter mainly, I think, due to the fact that his foot was immobilized for so long, he was in a cast. We’ll see how he looks and go from there. We’re not expecting him to be overly limited once we get going.”

On Kevin Youkilis: “Youk is different from the others because he actually made it back to a point where he was hitting without limitation in the fall. I think he’s already addressed some of the mental aspect from returning from injury because he got back to full batting practice last year. I think he’s going to be fine.”

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