Good morning from Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — According to the handy dandy iPhone weather app, it’s 68 here and headed for 78. And it’s 26 in Boston. I realize you hate me. I’d hate me, too.

A few people e-mailed me to ask what the players are actually doing this week. Not much, actually. The guys play catch, stretch and then the pitchers throw a little more and the hitters take batting practice. At the end, there are running and agility drills. It takes about 90 minutes.

The only major league coach here is Gary Tuck, who is working with the catchers. There are a few minor league staffers (new Pawtucket manager Arnie Beyeler, for instance) here to throw BP and keep an eye on things. Plus the trainers and strength and conditioning guys run the drills.


These are informal drills. Pitchers and catchers do not have to report until the 13th and position players a few days after that.

Daisuke Matsuzaka is expected today, according to the Japanese reporters on hand. He has been working out in Hawaii.

No, I do not expect him to be traded. Yes, I know you want him traded.

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