Dustin Pedroia’s interview from today

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Dustin Pedroia spoke to a group of reporters today. Here’s what he had to offer:

How’s his foot? “I feel great. I feel great, ready to go. I’m excited to be here.”

Will he have to be monitored during spring training? “Yeah, pretty much. Do my stuff in the training room to get ready and I don’t think it should be a problem. I feel great right now and I’m excited.”

Will he play fewer games in spring training? “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to Tito about anything like that. I don’t think that’s necessary. Whatever they have planned for me, I’m ready to do.”


You’ve said you had ups and downs with your foot. Is it OK now? “I feel great. I think what I was trying to say is when you have an injury like that, you try to find ways to … what makes you feel right. There are so many different areas of your foot and I’ve got to get my leg back to normal. Some of things I was trying to do weren’t the right things to do. But we found a way to make me feel strong and I feel great right now.

“I’m just trying to get everything working together. If one part of my leg isn’t firing, it’s going to affect my foot. We kind of figured out what my problem was. The last three weeks I’ve felt great.”

Is there anything you haven’t done? “No. I’ve taken ground balls, turned double plays, run the bases. I’ve done everything. I’m ready to go.”

Any doubts you’ll be ready for the season? “No. There’s no doubt.”

Will you go through the conditioning test? “They won’t let me do that. I think that’s pretty much it. There’s no reason for me to run the 300-yard shuttle until they tell me I need to run 300 yards during a game.”


More on his foot: “My foot’s repaired. There’s a screw in there holding everything together. It’s a ton better. I feel great. There’s not going to be any setbacks.”

On the guard he is wearing on his foot: “I don’t want to hit another ball off it. It’s just protection. It’s not like it’s a brace.”

Carl Crawford told USA Today he can’t wait to play with you. What’s your reaction? “What a shocker (laughs). I’ve worked with Carl for three or four years (in Arizona). I put some whuppings on him in ping-pong and talked a lot of trash to him. I’m glad he’s on our team. It’s a pain in the butt playing against him. He’s running wild. It’s going to be fun having him on our side.”

On Terry Francona referring to him as Giovanni Ribisi after letting his hair grow: “I don’t know what Tito’s starting. He’s a tool. He poured water on himself today to pretend he was working out. He didn’t do (expletive). I might kick his ass before we get started.”

On having so many people in camp already: “We’re excited. I talked to Adrian (Gonzalez) a little bit, getting to know him. Everyone is really excited; we’re fired up. It’s going to be fun.”

On the lineup: “One through nine, it should be pretty darn good. We’ll get out here and get to work and get everything going. It’s going to be fun when everyone’s together.


Did Francona say where you would hit? “No, he didn’t. I don’t care. I don’t think anybody cares. Everyone’s excited.”

When did he start baseball workouts? “January, beginning of January. That’s normal. It was pretty normal other than the endurance running. It’s not like I went out and ran distances but I was doing sprints and my (agility drills) at a normal pace.”

On being able to play again after a long layoff: “It’s exciting it’s been a long time. I learned a lot from it. I’m excited about it.”

Does he have a different perspective? “I don’t think about it any more. I’m just doing to go out there and do what I do. That’s it, man.

On his hair again: “Sick, huh? … The jokes are cool when I’m 20 and I’m losing my hair. But I’m a grown-ass man now. I think it looks solid. My wife likes it.”

On the expectations: “They’re high every year. There’s not a year you come into camp and your goal isn’t to win the World Series. If it’s not, then you’re reevaluating the organization. We want to win; we want to win right now. Not just this year, but every year.”

Can he remember a team making so many big moves? “Maybe the 2000 Sacramento Kings when we traded for C-Webb and got Vlade (Divac). Something like that.”

Has it been hard being patient? “It’s been tough. I try and set little goals, stuff like that. The other day was my last workout and I was kind of excited. I’ve but in a lot of hard work. I’m ready for it to show on the field.”

Does he need to see the doctor again: “He’s in Boston. He can come see me. How about that? (laughs) … No, I’m good to go.”

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