Good morning from Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — It’s raining.

Well, to be accurate, it’s drizzling a bit now. But it was raining pretty heavily a few minutes ago. If it stops, the players will probably come out and play catch, at least some of them. But I’d be surprised to see any BP or running today. It’s not worth the risk of somebody getting hurt.

Meanwhile, there’s a guy on the corner of Jacksonville and Edison standing in the rain holding a sweatshirt and looking at the cars going by hoping to get autographs. Two things:


1. I admire your pluck.

2. Common sense would suggest that even the nicest player isn’t going to roll down his window in the rain. And even if he does, how can you autograph a damp sweatshirt?

Finally, congrats to Ray Allen on breaking the NBA 3-pointer record.

My first job out of UMass was at the Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin and I was lucky enough to get the UConn basketball beat. I covered their ascent under Jim Calhoun through to the 1999 title. Ray was one of my favorite players to watch and the bonus was he was a really good guy.

The Huskies signed Ray while he attended high school in South Carolina. During his senior year, UConn played a game at N.C. State and Ray attended the game. He visited the locker room afterward and was accompanied by a skinny 6-foot-8 kid he introduced as Kevin, one of his AAU teammates.

It turned out to be Kevin Garnett, who wasn’t a big deal at the team but certainly turned into one. All these years later, it’s cool watching those guys play for the Celtics.

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